Friday, January 22, 2010

RIP Sultan of Johor

Late in the evening yesterday, one of our kings had came to pass and I felt the pain of quite a number of my friends from Johor. The people there loved him for his kindness and I also heard that he comes into the city with an easy rider with no outriders and wave to the people who could recognize him or at least his bike. Royalty served rare. Rest in peace Tuanku. His love for superbikes will be remembered forever. My deepest sympathy for the lost of a good king.

On the other hand, TMJ (petrolhead) is crowned the Sultan of Johor. Love his cars, I personally came across a few before my eyes and I can never forget the first time seeing the yellow porche and did not know what the heck was the number plate. White with TMJ in red. I rushed home and googled it. :p and Voila! Tunku Mahkota Johor came all over the my browser. Next was the bucket filled with saliva.


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