Sunday, January 3, 2010

The movie named Adam

Came across this movie today that really touched me, and I think you should watch it too. The show was from late 2009 though but I only managed to watch it today. Thanks to the lack of publicity. I always enjoyed watching movies that has less advertisement and behind the not so attractive poster lies a beautiful story line. Most of the time people just get misled by the huge cast, amazing trailer and the advertisement banner beside their facebook page. There are too many I-expected-more movies around nowadays.

The movie was about this guy named Adam that suffers from asperger syndrome - a social disorder actually. He couldn't guess whats in our minds, so all his life is without sarcasm. Everything that comes out from his mouth is what he thinks and nothing else. There's no sentences with another meaning behind. If he was uncertain about something, he would ask and never expect the other person to be angry about it. Basically, in Adam's world, its like Adam from before the forbidden fruit. Just with clothes.

I was just wondering how nice would it be if everyone would be so simple again. Live without trying to guess what other's are thinking. Being honest with each other. There was a line in the movie I'd love to share. 'liars are all you're gonna run across in this world, a man has got to learn the difference between just plain liars and liars worth lovin.'

As i was reading an article about asperger syndrome, i came across a similar band of disorder - autism. If I had a kid who is capable of this. I'll fix him a education foundation. Waking up to see this by the bed is like crop circle material for a child. lol

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