Sunday, January 31, 2010


I'm sure most of you have seen this one..

Now, Part 2. WALK'in Fridge


Did I mention about my new shoes?

My loyal old Vans finally had to retire after the proud mileage it claimed. Been all over the place together with me. The Lunar New Year is around the corner and this is totally not impulse. Its a Need. :D


S Chassis + AE Chassis Meetup @ Solaris Dutamas

After soooooooooooooooo long that we decided to have a gathering. Last friday the Silvias decided to meet up with the Truenos for supper. Along there came the SKPCs, a Silvia and 180sx Owners Club subsidiary. (Silvia Keh Poh Chees). :p I'm kinda tired from the whole jammed up weekend and I'll just let the pictures do the talking. Hope ya'll don't mind.

Superstar cars get superstar treatment

Kenji's street legal track setup S-ichigo

Spot the Turbee?

Yoong's S13 and Mizu's Emolution

Lyzard insisted he'd snap the OPENING CEREMONY of the Defi. :p

MAZ, Tomiya, Ben, young and dangerous

OCP, Jonboy

Top Secret?


TuWEHno vs Kids

Photograph Credits : Lyzard

Saturday, January 30, 2010


After work yesterday I decided to pop by Daniel's workshop, D-Tuning. He is a very detailed mechanic, one of the few mechanics here I met that knows his stuff. Alright, shall not bore you further with more about him. Back to them cars and stuff I saw there @ the workshop.

@.@ My Dad's favourite JDM car and colour theme had to shoot it and show him

That's what I was talking about. Neat.

Actually. I went there to see this. Its a MINI COOPER. *just in case if you cannot recognize it*. First impression to me was, What Is This? Frankenstein Mobile? One of D-Tuning's radical mods. First thing that caught my attention was the arches, the width reminds me of the vintage rides. Till now, I still can't picture how it would look like after all the fiber works are done. Will have to wait and see. For now, it does look quite nasty. Well, I'm not here to flame this car into a chargrilled condition so I don't give a rat's ass of how it looks in the outside, all that matters is what's under the hood. It was indeed a surprise.


If you need to anything radical at all, give him a buzz @ D-Tuning

Project Horse - 308

Earlier this month, a mid aged chap came to my office and seek for help. A horse was terribly ill and came to his workshop. It needed some spare parts and unfortunately there were no parts available in the market and they had to be custom made. So the next day we fled to his workshop near Kota Damansara and my god there were a few of TVRs, PORCHEs and ASTON MARTINs there.

Not One, Not Two. But Three Vantage N24s sitting there shy under the cover.

Poor Horse on the hoist

Sexy Back.

Sad that I never had the chance to hear the 3 litre V8 fire up

Nothing so cool, but the doctor was there to check out the legs of the horse

Didn't go home empty handed :p A pair of these were sitting next to the half cut it came from

The job finally ended today. Been two and fro for this car, but the experience, absolutely phenomenal.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fastest way to peel an egg! COOL

Wicked stuff. If it wasn't midnight now, I would so boil an egg and try now..! Coolios! Not so hygienic if you're 'peeling' that egg for someone else though. :p

Monday, January 25, 2010


For all of you who are considering in a long distance relationship or a one night stand, I recommend you this theory COW and I came up with years ago when we were in still in university. Applied to many situations and it works. ;)

When we have too much whisky, we do stupid things;
When we have too much redbull, we do this.

I'll start from explaining the variables in our equation. The Love Symbol represents the Amount of Love between the couple at an instantaneous time. X represents the distance between the couple. While C is just another constant filled in to make the equation look neat.

Okay now we try fitting in a high value of X, means the couple is far apart. the Love reduces.
What about a low value for X, as near as they get, the Love increases.
Now when X = Zero, The Love is at it's MAX value.

By now if you were from a mathematical background you'll be wondering what is the square root doing there. Okay. Here goes.

When X = Negative, *Ahem please use your imagination* the love returns an imaginary number. Now, the guy will be thinking of how to escape from the situation.
'Oopss? What have I done?'

If you're reading this Cow, Redbull was good times. :p


I only realized today that EVOLution was spelled with LOVE in reverse, as we evolve and get more complex, there'll be less love involved. Notice that war, disease and broken homes are all around us. Where is the love? Hats off to Charles Darwin for the Evolution Theory. From Planet of the Apes we became rulers of the earth, now we're killing each other for the one thing we invented, MONEY.

To some, Darwin's idea is more interesting. Some others thinks that Adam and Eve's love story was easier to accept. To me, it doesn't matter anymore. From book to book I read to find the truth, history is just merely stories written by winners of the war. Whether the dinosaurs were created on the day between 'Let there be Light' and 'Let us make men in our image'. It doesn't matter anymore. Humanity had let me down time and again for power and money. And remember, when the winner writes the story, its HIStory. Bah, monday blues.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

International Suit Up Day 2010!

When I first saw it, I already smelled Barney. AHAHAHAH! Legen WAIT FOR IT dary style.
spread this around for you folks who share the love of How I met Your Mother. Wear a suit to work, to Uni, to anywhere at all! check out the rally's page here..

Call me Mr Flintstone

I can make your Bedrock.

Friday, January 22, 2010

RIP Sultan of Johor

Late in the evening yesterday, one of our kings had came to pass and I felt the pain of quite a number of my friends from Johor. The people there loved him for his kindness and I also heard that he comes into the city with an easy rider with no outriders and wave to the people who could recognize him or at least his bike. Royalty served rare. Rest in peace Tuanku. His love for superbikes will be remembered forever. My deepest sympathy for the lost of a good king.

On the other hand, TMJ (petrolhead) is crowned the Sultan of Johor. Love his cars, I personally came across a few before my eyes and I can never forget the first time seeing the yellow porche and did not know what the heck was the number plate. White with TMJ in red. I rushed home and googled it. :p and Voila! Tunku Mahkota Johor came all over the my browser. Next was the bucket filled with saliva.


New Year Resolution made late

This came in late because I could not make up my mind. Plans were always made to fail but never fail to plan. So, here goes.

1. Drink more whisky
2. Drink less beer
3. Sleep earlier
4. Buy a Drift Car
5. Build it
6. Save money
7. Work Harder
8. Try not to let resolution number 1, 4 and 5 come in the way of 6 and 7

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eye(sore) On Malaysia

I'm sure most of us had heard about the Eye On Malaysia, or might have even went on for a ride. *A confession to make, I've not seen it yet* and that does not make me any less Malaysian. I still love this place more than anybody. News, the Eye On Malaysia had been moved to Malacca and as TheStar has reported it, its not enjoying it's stay there. Poor ferris wheel.

The ugly truth: some jokers forgot to pay for it.


It was an honest mistake. *wink* Now the Belgians filed a lawsuit against them for forgetting to settle the payment. They totally forgot about the RM17 million bill like for real. *wink again* Simply Famazing. Belgium is one of my favourite countries for them awesome beer gardens. Now, if I ever hit a beer garden there, I'll have to tell the bar tender I'm from Singapore before he spikes my drink. Once the coolest thing after the twin towers, now the scar on the face of Malaysia. I call it, the Eye(sore) On Malaysia. Please guys, pay for the damn thing and do us proud for once.

Below, an article from TheStar earlier this week.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Just recently I flew into our not-so-cool LCCT terminal and it reminds me of a joke I thought I had to share with you cartoons that read this thing I call my blog. Thinking about it now already makes me smile to the monitor like a total nut case.

I'm sure most of us have seen the Infrared Thermal Imaging System at all the airports around the world. Installed for SARS and all the other H1N1 spreading around. Now imagine that guy sitting behind the monitor looking at the monitor checking out chicks in Black and White and how boring can his job be. Actually. NO. Apparently, when people walk pass that machine and tries to seal in a silent fart, IT APPEARS ON THE DAMN SCREEN! HAHAHAHAHAH! Now ya'll would probably turn back and look at that monitor every time you pass by it! I mean, how shy can that be! Imagine if you got his shitty job and you'll have to try to act cool about it? Impossible for me at least, most likely I'll end up on the floor from falling off my chair when I see armageddon coming out from someone's ass! AHAHAHHAHA

here's a video of it! Fkin KUDOS!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I've got some songs updated on the mixpod. Catch pictures of parts to come soon! ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Melissa Sin sCandals

I saw a feed from facebook from cat that she found Mel's blog. wait a minute, Mel's BLOG!? haha! and I did the google trick and found this instead. As exhausted as I am from the midnight flight from Melbourne, I still laughed from the inside. :D

anyway, now that I know you have a blog Mel, we know whats happening to you at least. haha!
p.s. human resource doesn't sound like a fun place at all. Since Poh Yng's home, we should meet up! :D

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Smart, very smart indeed.

Smart for two spotted by a friend of mine outside the Malaysian Restaurant I used to work at in China Town, Birmingham. The driver displayed the true quality of an urban car, parking convenience. LOL

photo credits to Alvin.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Reminiscing the birth of the woman in my life

You know sometimes when you need someone to talk to about something that you can't really share with everybody, you'll know exactly who to go to. One of my somebody is cat, one of the best friends from carvings from the tree. You don't get this all the time and I met almost all of them in this trip, fruitful I would say.

It was her birthday and I'd really wanna say I love you for the great hospitality and the great time in Melbourne. It was more than awesome. Perhaps sorry for all the times I jeopardized the relationship. It'll be funny in many years to come. Your wish came true, so please don't be greedy about it. :D
P.S. Thank you "Money" for that amazing cake as well as the team that planned the surprise.


of Men

and beautiful ladies.

Happy Birthday Cat and stay sexy.

credits to Alvin for the peekcahs.