Wednesday, April 28, 2010

VIDEO FEATURE - World Drift Series China 2009

HOLY SHIT! THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!! I'm still proud to be Chinese.. Come on guys, show us some love in 2010..

The boys from D24 and FA Racing had done it again!

The Zeros to Heroes, they came a long way from learning pace notes to actually using them, from Scandinavian flips to actual flicks. The boys had done their daddies proud. "The amateurs built the ark, The professionals built Titanic" These boys threw their rear wheel drive fun stuff and left for some muddy front wheels action. About a year ago, when Francis said he wants to go for a rally reality show on television, I seriously thought he was a joking (he is well known for his sense of humour). Rally is always known to be one of the "NEXT LEVEL" of motor sports and with just faith alone, he headed for the big screens along with his team mate, OBK. Together, they share our passion for motorsports - Do first, Think later. Today, they are not only celebrities on the TV screen, they are also winners from the rally championship. Kudos

He's trying to explain to the television crew the difference between rappers, and rally drivers. "at the gravel, my team mate does the rapping, and I let my steering and pedals do the show", he said. Francis also added that they go to school and they are not from the triads.

Here he's trying to explain the freshness of the papaya from the papaya tree he almost hit on the course. "juicy", he said.

Faidzal, one of the Alang brothers comes sliding into a corner. Another car that is sponsored by If you don't mind, I could use some ad space here :p
My boss says I might get an early bonus. :D

Follow Keng and OBK at their rally blog -
Photo Credits: Andy Boey

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


McDonald's is back with the DOUBLE TROUBLE deal.. everything comes with a double..

The Silvias had a date with the mountain

Touge, one of the most exciting form of motor sports. Uphill and Downhill Drifting.

Along, came a scooby. Fun comes in a different form for him.

Taking a break while the crew set off for a camwhore session

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mervyn Nakamura says hi from Singapore!

Mervyn is now with Federation D and ready to kick ass in Singapore!

Good luck

to all Driftneylanders at Formula D Singapore! Will update you with more pictures and videos soon..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dent Magic Auto Appearance Specialist

When we were sharing some of our car accident experiences here with some of my business friends in Taiwan, they told me about some "Magic" workshop which is quite popular in Indonesia and they said the technology was originated from Singapore. I was told that they could repair dents to a near perfect condition without repainting the car.. So I went to youtube and looked it up.. and I came across this..

My friends also added that you are only allowed to sit at the waiting room without being allowed to see what's going on in the work space.. within 2 hours, you will pay a small fee and collect your car.. Well, I thought it would be really cool if it works. In actual fact the people behind the scene are from the states, and in this video he'll kick the fender to a visible dent.

then he slowly shapes the fender back with a rubber/PU hammer.. very fine job I would say.. but when the news was spread across the sea, it was speculated to a whole new level, I was even told that the dented headlamp housings could be restored. NONSENSE.. but.. whatever that's in this video is already magical enough for me.. I think now drifters would add RUBBER HAMMER into their tool boxes.. :p



DinNismo's "ceffy in disguise" went for a photoshoot for PRO TUNERS Magazine.. Well, at last he took our advise and slammed the baby to the ground.. NEXT, lower profile tyres + hipari.. :p

Rumour says that there's someone who is going to buy this masterpiece soon.. :( So much memories in this car.. This pink colour machine penetrated my Genting Drift hymen.. I hope she will end up with a good owner as good as Din..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

VIDEO FEATURE - TheDriver Official Trailer 2

Who is TheDriver? - "TheDriver" is an animated tv series scheduled for a Summer 2011 release.

Monday, April 19, 2010



CAR FEATURE: Simon Perry's R33

we have many pinkies skyline cefiros ETC at home so I thought i give you guys some inspiration.. If you all know Din.. This should be the same headlamp as his ceffy's old look. "transformers... ceffy in disguise...." LOL *runs*

Beautiful isn't she?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Share some love from taiwan

sorry guys if my posting is a lil slow.. i'm currently on a business trip to taiwan but i'll never forget you guys who support driftneyland.. hope you guys are having a good time.. :D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I put in WORKS

VIDEO FEATURE - Malaysian Drift King, Tengku Djan's Qualifying Run

Video was taken during a qualifying run last weekend in malacca.. Very cool video camera indeed. :D maybe try mounting it lower next time so we could see the road as well! :D

Well done.. and good luck for Formula D Singapore! GO BOBOT!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cookies vs Scooby Snacks

If you're in Penang and you saw this, this post is dedicated to you. Dish > Advan RS

Spotted a Chrome GTR in UK

From last weekend's ISTS 2010 event, woop! from the front, it look pretty ordinary I would say. But from the back, it's some terminator action man.


How to buy this lock:

omgwtfbbq? FULL LOCK? you don't say. HellaSICK!


READER'S RIDE: Joe40cents a.k.a. Dorifuto Demon's 180sx

UPDATES!! spy shots from the slightly bosozuko exhaust that is soon going to drop out on the hills of Genting during driftneyland's first touge meeting.. It's only one way up, and one way down mate.
Still up for it?? *wink wink*

Joe says, "I'm looking for tyres now to stretch on the Rims of God, and we'll be off for our first convoy." HIPARI and paint.

Itenarary @ work

P.S Imagine this as A4 Size and folded into half, so when the tour members are reading the itinerary, this graffiti will be fully exposed. :D

Spent 3 hours translating chinese to english. Pain in the ass. The result, Cute Itenarary WHEE!

Francis called today, found me another capri. :) Lets see what's the good news

Sunday, April 11, 2010


EPIC Video from Falken Tires.. Sure did sponsor lotsa drifters there..

click to zoom

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Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock!

When's my Big Bang Theory going to continue...? I need my BBT therapy..

Chairman Dai

Daijiro Inada, owner of option magazine, the magazine which is responsible for the engine oil running in my veins. Founder of Tokyo Auto Saloon, the exhibition thats in my bucket list. Owner of Ogura Clutch, the racing clutch that gives the best kick. Founder of D1GP and D1SL, both of the most poisonous drift events in the world.

still looking fab.

the MX 5 that stood out from the rest

So this is what a Japanese TT session would look like. Check out that miata. It's a grass cutter.

"TT session - TT stands for Teh Tarik (Tea), majority of the car owner clubs in malaysia or automotive enthusiast would organize night gatherings at our local 24hours restaurants for tea. Well, this culture has been on since a long time ago. Sometimes, a TT session would also lead to a convoy."

GT WING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunday Silvias

He dropped the Viennas and went for these LXZs.. wait till he stretches his tyres on them.. then you wet yourself..


Yes. I missed the malacca event (again).


Why don't you wanna sell the capri to me.. T.T

Thursday, April 8, 2010


S2000 V8? If you know what's sitting in the engine bay, I would consider it as a sleeper car already. Too much effort has been put in to fit the engine. I don't even wanna imagine how it is to run sideways. If you were wondering, the transmission and driveline is from the Mitsubishi GTO.

ENGINE: LS7, 7Litre V8. Every square inch counts in the engine bay. Very ambitious and original transplant job. Bravo.

When it comes to monster engine transplants, room is always the main issue. They even custom made the steering system just to fit in the engine. Check out the caliper. YUMS

Was supposed to do this post yesterday

Some of us might have seen these 987402934780293847203487 years ago. But these two babes definitely are the most outstanding s chassis convertibles in the world. I still could remember the first time I saw the Falken ad on the magazine. Into both extreme ends of car modification. VIP vs RAT. We have to agree both of these babies would make heads turn. It's just the matter of taste. I would say I wouldn't mind having any of those.