Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dent Magic Auto Appearance Specialist

When we were sharing some of our car accident experiences here with some of my business friends in Taiwan, they told me about some "Magic" workshop which is quite popular in Indonesia and they said the technology was originated from Singapore. I was told that they could repair dents to a near perfect condition without repainting the car.. So I went to youtube and looked it up.. and I came across this..

My friends also added that you are only allowed to sit at the waiting room without being allowed to see what's going on in the work space.. within 2 hours, you will pay a small fee and collect your car.. Well, I thought it would be really cool if it works. In actual fact the people behind the scene are from the states, and in this video he'll kick the fender to a visible dent.

then he slowly shapes the fender back with a rubber/PU hammer.. very fine job I would say.. but when the news was spread across the sea, it was speculated to a whole new level, I was even told that the dented headlamp housings could be restored. NONSENSE.. but.. whatever that's in this video is already magical enough for me.. I think now drifters would add RUBBER HAMMER into their tool boxes.. :p


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