Saturday, April 3, 2010


When I was having my weekly brew, I received a text from DinNismo, "There's a drift demo tomorrow morning at Angkasapuri. Wanna come along?" Since I've been 'retired' from the drift scene for quite some time, I thought why not?

Angkasapuri - The Malaysian TV station Head Quarters

The building stood tall by the federal highway since forever but I had never been nor knew how to go. Thank god for google map, the entrance is located on the other side of the world, BANGSAR. who would have thought so. Wicked stuff.

On the way, I came across this. Mercedes Bat Mobile! I guess the driver saw me hunting him with the camera above my steering and he freaked out. :p Sorry mate. But I love your car.

Before we go for the event, we were briefed of how small the place we are expecting. "Its all about donuts and figure 8s. Well I guess alright, Not too bad I guess, ZOMG. Its merely the size of a tennis court! However, the drifters modified the entry point and dived into the first cone BLIND. Making it more interesting for the crowd.

Nick's BOSOZUKO Machine. Sexy Tail lamps.

Finally, I met Ammar, one of my first friends after starting this blog. :D

Mike's Lamb Chop Drift Machine

Rudy from FXOpen also came along

Yummy VSeXX

Poor KE broke down and became a victim of Benz throughout our whole hang out session

Tell him he should slam his car further please

Starlet Pornography Photography

Very rare sighting? It's running RB20det

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