Friday, February 26, 2010

Knock Knock Knock, Penny.. Knock Knock Knock.. Penny.. Knock Knock Knock.. Penny..

Some of you might know that I follow the CBS tv series, The Big Bang Theory. If you think you know a thing or two about the sciences, I strongly suggest you get started with this tv show (its never too late). Well, the person behind the jokes seriously deserve credits. Simply too brilliant. Laugh to smart jokes, not lame jokes.

For those who follows the episodes, here's penny's photoshoot for MAXIM. haha! she might not be the prettiest girl in hollywood but definitely a lot of charisma. Her character makes us feel less dumb at most of the times when we don't get a joke from the show, or getting the joke late. Now she's even made it to MAXIM. Kudos.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just when you thought you forgot about the YOYO craze

Who says chicks who play the YOYO cannot be hot? Check this out MOFOs. she's got the moves.

Drift Nirvana @ PhillyDrift

Very good video editing. Check out how them boys tear up summit Point. Video Rated D. nice

I'm terribly sorry. I just can't help it.

OMG. This is ill. Very poisonous. I'm sorry. It's not my fault.

Check this out if you're a fan of Flintstones

Many scientist are out on the run to find us the replacement for petrol while treasure hunters continue to search for Atlantis to find us a solution for the next 50 years to come. I wonder how its steering system is going to work but as far as the drivetrain is concerned, its looking good. Maybe if it's incorporated with a proper flywheel, it could go up to speeds where it's not safe! lol

Bravo. It only cost 99 USD by the way. Good start!

Killer whale kills trainer at SeaWorld. RIP.

I always thought they were adorable. Free Willy was one of those movies that moved me when I was a kid. It seems that the trainer slipped and fell into the tank but I wonder how did she drown with the whale? this is weird.


Lately, I've been digging alot into robotics due to the problem I'm facing at work. And I came across this. This would be like Lamborghini to your mom - The Dream Machine. LOL! If this thing was introduced to our mamak stalls, thats the end of them indian boys' career. What flips more roti canai than mamak boys? MOMBOTS. sick. I'm sure it can always produce more than the demand. Bare in mind, it could have more than 2 arms. Nuts.

At Last, a $20,000 cup of coffee - New York Times.

This is not the espresso machine we always see. My first impression was, BONG. Very curious about how it works, I looked all over the place to see what's the magic behind this coffee machine. Looks pretty old school though. It was invented in the 18hundreds but a japanese coffee company decided to redo this history piece into the age of brewed coffee. I heard there's a coffee place around pj that does this. I can't wait to get there and have a mug. I'm a caffeine junkie.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some Chinese New Year Action

I'll let the pictures do the talking this time. After Lady Gaga's not so witty smiling theory, we still lost everything to Darren. Haha. At first we mentioned that the winners should use the money for charity but later on the funds were contributed to Zouk when we decided to let them do the charity for us instead.

After this was..... 'HUAT AH!!!!! I WANT ANG MOHHHH!!' super fkin hilarious

Hypertune Yummy Intake Manifold

Yes, the brand name is Hypertune and its an Australian Product. Nothing to do with our local automotive magazine. Many of these gems left undiscovered in the land of kangaroos. I love their motto - People who use our products have fast cars. LOL! sick. Anyway, the product we're featuring today is the SR20 Intake Plenum / Manifold / Throttle Body / Fuel Rail by Hypertune. YUM? Some of you might recognize that this SR20det is not sitting on a Silvia. its here.

FYI, engine designers for RB20det and RB25det should be shot dead for their mistake in having the intake manifold to go across over the top of the engine to visit the exhaust line. Made the intercooler look stupid. Haha. What's the point of cooling the air and then pass it back to be heated up by the exhaust manifold? for RB20 and RB25 users, can check this out.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Government to install CCTV at border petrol stations

Think of ripping us off and buying cheap petrol from malaysia? Think again. Our government had outsmart you by installing CCTVs (Closed-Circuit Television Camera) at the border petrol kiosks.

Benefits from this campaign

1. More job opportunities. Now we have more fat guys munching local snacks sitting in front of the monitors watching thai/singaporean boys freeloading from our petrol station.

2. Boost in the CCTV industries. If you were thinking about starting your CCTV security company now and going to tender for this project? I'm sorry you're kinda running late.

3. You'll have a lower chance of getting robbed if you are standing at the petrol pump. ONLY at the pump.

4. Now we're sure our government funds are going to where its supposed to.

What happened to installing CCTVs around town to reduce crime rates?


With the whole Chinese New Year spirit going on, everything is home made, butter cookies, prawn crackers, pineapple tarts etc. and one of our local drifters had caught the flu and decided to go HOME MADE with his R32. Swapping a V8 ENGINE AT HOME. very interesting.

p.s. I love your garage man. Its making me WET.

Co-Rolla Rolla Rolla Eh EH..

I've been noticing this Corolla for quite some time. First thing that caught my eye was the height and the beautiful bodywork. The KE70 was never a rare car and nobody ever bothers to do it up. Many of them have a Silvia in mind and wants to start drifting and then they buy the KE. That's why they were never serious about it. A friend once said, 'Drifting is a spectator sport. That's why your machine has to be presentable.' So many of the KE owners have forgotten about the fact that they should not use can spray to paint their WHOLE car. I've seen some of the worst conditions where they were left to rust and words were scribbled on the door with spray paint. Hello? Please respect your ride before you actually go into the ring? Some people just don't understand that they will make the whole drift scene into another REMPIT act. It's such a beautiful sport and it should remain that way. Sometimes its shameful to bring a friend to watch drifting where there's a sea of rusted Corollas in the track. People tend to ask me, 'So this is drifting?' I smell the disappointment from the smoke of the rubber.

Rosso, here on the other side of the story had spent tons of effort on this beauty and I am starting to like the corolla again. If you're not looking forward to too much power and a low maintenance drift car. This is the best car to start drifting with. So there's a saying, If you can drift a KE70, you can drift anything at all. I myself am considering to get one after my personal financial crisis comes to an end. :p It's REALLY bad. Believe me.

This Corolla will remind us that the look of the car is as important. You did us proud.

here's his blog.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010


This is not exactly the bumble bee you expected.. but its one hell of a monster to take on for some high speed action.. Watch the video below to hear the sound of the GM LSA engine under the painted CF hood! 6.2 litres V8 POWAHHH..!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saudi Arabia Refuses Pakistani Diplomat Over Vulgar Name Translation

In an unfortunate result of translation, Pakistani diplomat Akbar Zeb will not become the next Pakistani ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Zeb’s credentials seem in order: He is the former ambassador to the United States, India and South Africa. He held the post of High Commissioner Designate of Pakistan to Canada and is the former director general of Pakistan's Foreign Ministry.

But despite Mr. Zeb’s impressive career, the 55-year-old diplomat’s name proved to be the immovable hurdle. When translated into Arabic, Akbar Zeb means “Biggest Dick.” In a region that stresses modesty, particularly in public, this could not stand.

Akbar is a customary Muslim name for Arabic and non-Arabic speakers alike. The same cannot be said for Zeb. The name is common in Urdu, however in Arabic it is merely a slang reference to the male reproductive organ.

In hopes of minimizing the use of the word in public, Saudi Arabia has refused to accredit Mr. Zeb for the position.

According to the Arab Times, this is the third instance in which an Arabic-speaking country has refused Mr. Zeb’s ambassadorship. The United Arab Emirates rejected the diplomat first, followed by Bahrain, and now Saudi Arabia has added its name to the list.

“It's hard to imagine that someone's name would be a problem, especially on this level, but I understand why the governments reacted this way,” Saudi cultural critic Ahmed Al-Omran told The Media Line. “It crosses a cultural red line so I don't think the media would dare to publish a name like this. So every time he would be in the media they would have to face the name issue and it would make it difficult to work with him. That would just be an embarrassment for Pakistan.”


Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't Forget Its also Valentine's Day.

Along with Chinese New Year, Its also Valentines Day. So put your drift cars away for one day. Your other half is just asking for One day. Clean up your tools today and put them back into them tool boxes. If you think your car is moaning your name, put it up on jackstands. LOL! I'm sure your other half will appreciate the fact that you try not to talk about your car for just ONE day. hahaha! Happy Valentine's Day to ya'll love birds!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Heidi Montag - The Surviving Decepticon

Saw how she transformed? what's up with giving up originality for so much plastic? perfect is too strong a word to use to describe somebody I reckon. If you come to think of it, these girls are like modifying themselves to look like someone else. imagine when they decay after death, all thats left in the coffin are bits and pieces of plastic and silicon pads. How awful is that? So, getting your fix?

Thursday, February 11, 2010


driftneyland accepts chinese new year donations.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Zexy as hell!

Z owners in Malaysia. Do SOMETHING! I BEG YOU
this car was in Hellaflush earlier this week. see here

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Just for you tommyboy.. :p can't wait to see the black version of this sitting on a set of TE37s.

Zee First 370Z that made it to driftneyland

red is a very sexy colour

However, the rear offset can be more ill

More S Chassis

Clean, low and a hit of carbon fiber is the ingredient to bake a 180SeX.

Spark Plug Covers

Before this appear before my eyes, I always thought that the carbon fibre spark plug covers were the best thing that can happen to your rockers. This 240z owner took engine design to the next level! absolutely mental. A cartoonish RB25!

this is a follow up from my previous blog post :

In the end, it was the blackberry

After several long debates, a couple of death threats and a few friendships put to the challenge, I had to buy the blackberry. It came in last friday and some shit happened over last weekend so this blog post came a little late.

I had to say, it came along with some surprises and some disappointments. The GPS for instance, its like the lame old google map. Garmin came out with a GPS application for the blackberry but only available for europe and the states. And, it's not map installable. They made a application for every country. WHAT? The push mail function, microsoft office, msn messenger, Blackberry messenger is the BOMB. In contrast, trying to type while driving is a pain in the ass. It was not properly designed for the asian market. They should revise it. :p

If you think GPS is not the most important feature in a phone, get the blackberry. :D

drift fanatics: Im sorry I didnt buy the corolla. YET

Monday, February 8, 2010

Slurps, excuse me. I mean Kenji's S15

*Picture took without permission but the readers deserves to see this beauty*


Just finish dinner and I saw this. *Slurps* the price tag reminds me to work harder :D

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Happy Chinese New Year from Namewee

HAHAHAHAH! this guy is hilarious. At the same time, a wasted talent.

Richard Tremlin- Best S14 Ever Built

Sick isn't she? looks like she's got a disease.. a disease so bad that it makes you feel like cutting away the rear of your car. Recently, this car had been featured in Banzai Magazine and it actually reminded me to make this post. The owner, Richard Tremlin is from Leeds and the best part of his car - Its done at HOME! First time when I laid my eyes on this monster I assumed several garages had laid their hands on this baby and What the NUTS? The WHOLE GT conversion was done at his front yard. 36 months of labour gave birth to this beast. As crazy as it sounds, he even made his own chassis mounted GT wings! Part of the plan was even to make the whole wide body kit himself!

1998cc SR20DET DOHC 16v four-cylinder turbo, GReddy baffled sump, standard bottom end internals, Tomei 260 Procam shafts, rockers and valve springs, Tomei N1 oil block adapter, Pipercross air filter, Garrett GT2871R turbocharger with 3" 0.86 A/R turbine housing, custom intake pipework, custom intercooler, Horsham Developments exhaust manifold, custom stainless steel side-exit exhaust system, ATL 40litre fuel cell, ATL swirl pot, ATL level gauge and sender, lifter pump and Bosch 044 high pressure fuel pump, Fuellab adjustable fuel pressure regulator, GReddy fuel rail adapter, custom Aeroquip and Mocal oil cooler and oil filter relocation, alloy coolant radiator with twin cooling fans, Apexi Power FC D-Jetro standalone ECU, Cusco Engine Mounts

Standard manual 5speed gearbox, ACT prolite flywheel, heavy duty clutch

9.5x18" front and 10.5x18" rear Volk racing TE37, Toyo Proxes R888 tyres, 25mm wheel spacer, Ksport 365mm front and 330mm Rear big brake kit, Tein Flex Coilovers, Tein tie rods and bump steer rod ends, rose jointed upper and lower arms (front and rear), PU bushes throughout, seam welded and strengthened subframes, Tilton floor mounted pedal box, twin master cylinder with balance bar and adjuster fully braided hose, fully seam welded chassis, multipoint weld in roll cage with strut tower strengthening, tubbed front and rear arches

Two tone red and satin black paintwork, custom lightweight FRP wide body kit(including wings, bumper, sideskirt, bootlid and doorskins), moulded S15 lights with single projector lights, custom solid splitter (chassis mounted), flat floor and custom rear diffuser, C-west rear wing (chassis mounted), carbon roof scoop, custom carbon front canards, Spa carbon mirrors, polycarbonate windows, bolted windscreen

Fully stripped interior resprayed in white, custom lightweight FRP dash, custom wiring loom, Corbeau Pro carbon kelvar bucket seats, Sabelt six-point harnesses, custom alloy footrests, fully-plumbed fire suppression system, Redtop 35 battery in custom box, GReddy Profec-B boost controller, Apexi FC commander module, Stack motorsport dash, Sparco wheel with removable boss

Saturday, February 6, 2010

hands back in the Kouki Jar

Flush Approval!

Look again. its a ZENKI!

Another s14 zenki inspired by MattPowers. Illest Setup with 0 camber! can you believe it?? ZERO Camber! and it still looks so damn yummy.

TRUTH: I never saw the zero degree camber it till I READ it.
FACT: the eyes chooses what it believes to see.

Archeologist unearthed an 8000 year old corpse at Kenyir Lake

'Archeologist have stumbled upon human skeletal remans believed to be from the Mesolithic Age in the Bewah Cave in the Kenyir Lake area, according to a university professor.

The remains, believed to be those of a youth are estimated to be between 8000 and 11000 years old, said Prof Datuk Dr Nik Hassan Shuhaimi Nik Abdul Rahman, deputy director of the Institute of the Malay World and Civilisation (ATMA) of University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).' - The Star

How did he end up in Malaysia 8000 years ago is still a mystery. Im sure they are excavating the place now for his tools and gizmos. I could imagine a stone tool that moment of time is as cool as a google nexus one today. I'm sure you'll score some chicks by having a stone axe at that time. :p His/Her DNA will prove who was here first. I can't wait till the DNA report comes back from America. Wait for the news around next month and this is definitely going to be a very hot topic at the coffee shop. haha! To us Malaysians this is like challenging if Columbus was the one who found America. If you catch my drift. :p

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Do you know that beer taste better on fridays?

180sx Flushness

Rotary Thursday, The FD3S

The Efini Rx7, FD3S had always been one of my favourite cars. If one had never heard of the FD, and been shown an FD today, they would never know its a car from 1992. I reckon this is one of the best piece mazda production car design ever. Its the sexy curves and the way its born slammed that made it stand out from the rest. To many, the rotary engine is the major turn off for the RX7. To some, thats why its special. I admit that maintaining the rotary engine is a pain but the thrill you get from it is absolutely different. Engine brake does not happen on them rotaries and that one of the main potential of the Wankels. Just get the rotary venom injected and plan your budget for one. :D

sexy isn't she?