Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hypertune Yummy Intake Manifold

Yes, the brand name is Hypertune and its an Australian Product. Nothing to do with our local automotive magazine. Many of these gems left undiscovered in the land of kangaroos. I love their motto - People who use our products have fast cars. LOL! sick. Anyway, the product we're featuring today is the SR20 Intake Plenum / Manifold / Throttle Body / Fuel Rail by Hypertune. YUM? Some of you might recognize that this SR20det is not sitting on a Silvia. its here.

FYI, engine designers for RB20det and RB25det should be shot dead for their mistake in having the intake manifold to go across over the top of the engine to visit the exhaust line. Made the intercooler look stupid. Haha. What's the point of cooling the air and then pass it back to be heated up by the exhaust manifold? for RB20 and RB25 users, can check this out.

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