Monday, February 1, 2010

iPhone or Blackberry OR KE70?

My friend suggested, 'If you're lazy to think, iPhone.'
This is coming from someone who hated Apple products.
In contrast, many had vouched for the Blackberry Bold 9700.
Actually, I also have a corolla to consider. What a dilemma.
So it's iPhone? Blackberry? or Drift Car?

We all know what the iPhone could do, wonders. Now that it even has a GPS application. Before this, using the google map to find your destination was very much a stone age application compared to what other smartphones could do. Steve Jobs had done it again. In collaboration with TOMTOM, they came out with the largest screen phone GPS i've ever seen and the clearest voice i've ever heard. very tempting. Plus, it syncs better with my MacBook. Looks like iPhone had a heavier weight on this side of the scale. Oh MAN..

The Blackberry, known for its capability to help you at work. Unlike the iPhone, I'd always regard it as a toy. The Bold 9700 has everything I need in the iPhone but it's one step behind at the audio visual characteristics. A smaller screen and definitely does not sound as good. BUT, when it comes to appointments, meetings, synchronizing with my workstation, words documents, excel spreadsheets, power point slides, etc. its definitely Blackberry for the win! Instant editing and send out to clients, anytime, anywhere. Not to mention the cost to maintain the Blackberry is cheaper. Knowing Apple's marketing strategy - buy an iSomething, and you need to buy the iCharger, iCable, iCover, iApplications, iThis, iThat and you'll be iBroke.

Ok, now. The hard part. The Corolla KE70. One of the cheapest drift car known to us (as cheap as them phones we were just talking about). Easiest to maintain. It looks good when it's done right. All drift cars are blood suckers, so lets just call the KE the MINI-blood sucker. Smaller tyre size, natural aspirated, cheaper body parts, and I already have all the suspension parts that are meant for wear and tear. I would regard this as a 'Good Go'. The cheaper way to burn some rubber. Not to forget I still hate the sound of it. :p

how now brown cow?

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