Saturday, February 20, 2010

Government to install CCTV at border petrol stations

Think of ripping us off and buying cheap petrol from malaysia? Think again. Our government had outsmart you by installing CCTVs (Closed-Circuit Television Camera) at the border petrol kiosks.

Benefits from this campaign

1. More job opportunities. Now we have more fat guys munching local snacks sitting in front of the monitors watching thai/singaporean boys freeloading from our petrol station.

2. Boost in the CCTV industries. If you were thinking about starting your CCTV security company now and going to tender for this project? I'm sorry you're kinda running late.

3. You'll have a lower chance of getting robbed if you are standing at the petrol pump. ONLY at the pump.

4. Now we're sure our government funds are going to where its supposed to.

What happened to installing CCTVs around town to reduce crime rates?

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