Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In the end, it was the blackberry

After several long debates, a couple of death threats and a few friendships put to the challenge, I had to buy the blackberry. It came in last friday and some shit happened over last weekend so this blog post came a little late.

I had to say, it came along with some surprises and some disappointments. The GPS for instance, its like the lame old google map. Garmin came out with a GPS application for the blackberry but only available for europe and the states. And, it's not map installable. They made a application for every country. WHAT? The push mail function, microsoft office, msn messenger, Blackberry messenger is the BOMB. In contrast, trying to type while driving is a pain in the ass. It was not properly designed for the asian market. They should revise it. :p

If you think GPS is not the most important feature in a phone, get the blackberry. :D

drift fanatics: Im sorry I didnt buy the corolla. YET

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