Saturday, February 20, 2010

Co-Rolla Rolla Rolla Eh EH..

I've been noticing this Corolla for quite some time. First thing that caught my eye was the height and the beautiful bodywork. The KE70 was never a rare car and nobody ever bothers to do it up. Many of them have a Silvia in mind and wants to start drifting and then they buy the KE. That's why they were never serious about it. A friend once said, 'Drifting is a spectator sport. That's why your machine has to be presentable.' So many of the KE owners have forgotten about the fact that they should not use can spray to paint their WHOLE car. I've seen some of the worst conditions where they were left to rust and words were scribbled on the door with spray paint. Hello? Please respect your ride before you actually go into the ring? Some people just don't understand that they will make the whole drift scene into another REMPIT act. It's such a beautiful sport and it should remain that way. Sometimes its shameful to bring a friend to watch drifting where there's a sea of rusted Corollas in the track. People tend to ask me, 'So this is drifting?' I smell the disappointment from the smoke of the rubber.

Rosso, here on the other side of the story had spent tons of effort on this beauty and I am starting to like the corolla again. If you're not looking forward to too much power and a low maintenance drift car. This is the best car to start drifting with. So there's a saying, If you can drift a KE70, you can drift anything at all. I myself am considering to get one after my personal financial crisis comes to an end. :p It's REALLY bad. Believe me.

This Corolla will remind us that the look of the car is as important. You did us proud.

here's his blog.

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