Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The boys from D24 and FA Racing had done it again!

The Zeros to Heroes, they came a long way from learning pace notes to actually using them, from Scandinavian flips to actual flicks. The boys had done their daddies proud. "The amateurs built the ark, The professionals built Titanic" These boys threw their rear wheel drive fun stuff and left for some muddy front wheels action. About a year ago, when Francis said he wants to go for a rally reality show on television, I seriously thought he was a joking (he is well known for his sense of humour). Rally is always known to be one of the "NEXT LEVEL" of motor sports and with just faith alone, he headed for the big screens along with his team mate, OBK. Together, they share our passion for motorsports - Do first, Think later. Today, they are not only celebrities on the TV screen, they are also winners from the rally championship. Kudos

He's trying to explain to the television crew the difference between rappers, and rally drivers. "at the gravel, my team mate does the rapping, and I let my steering and pedals do the show", he said. Francis also added that they go to school and they are not from the triads.

Here he's trying to explain the freshness of the papaya from the papaya tree he almost hit on the course. "juicy", he said.

Faidzal, one of the Alang brothers comes sliding into a corner. Another car that is sponsored by If you don't mind, I could use some ad space here :p
My boss says I might get an early bonus. :D

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Photo Credits: Andy Boey

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