Monday, January 25, 2010


I only realized today that EVOLution was spelled with LOVE in reverse, as we evolve and get more complex, there'll be less love involved. Notice that war, disease and broken homes are all around us. Where is the love? Hats off to Charles Darwin for the Evolution Theory. From Planet of the Apes we became rulers of the earth, now we're killing each other for the one thing we invented, MONEY.

To some, Darwin's idea is more interesting. Some others thinks that Adam and Eve's love story was easier to accept. To me, it doesn't matter anymore. From book to book I read to find the truth, history is just merely stories written by winners of the war. Whether the dinosaurs were created on the day between 'Let there be Light' and 'Let us make men in our image'. It doesn't matter anymore. Humanity had let me down time and again for power and money. And remember, when the winner writes the story, its HIStory. Bah, monday blues.

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