Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Just recently I flew into our not-so-cool LCCT terminal and it reminds me of a joke I thought I had to share with you cartoons that read this thing I call my blog. Thinking about it now already makes me smile to the monitor like a total nut case.

I'm sure most of us have seen the Infrared Thermal Imaging System at all the airports around the world. Installed for SARS and all the other H1N1 spreading around. Now imagine that guy sitting behind the monitor looking at the monitor checking out chicks in Black and White and how boring can his job be. Actually. NO. Apparently, when people walk pass that machine and tries to seal in a silent fart, IT APPEARS ON THE DAMN SCREEN! HAHAHAHAHAH! Now ya'll would probably turn back and look at that monitor every time you pass by it! I mean, how shy can that be! Imagine if you got his shitty job and you'll have to try to act cool about it? Impossible for me at least, most likely I'll end up on the floor from falling off my chair when I see armageddon coming out from someone's ass! AHAHAHHAHA

here's a video of it! Fkin KUDOS!

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