Saturday, January 9, 2010

Low Is the New Fast

Ever since the HellaFlush Syndrome has kicked in, lotsa pictures of slammed JDMs starts to appear all over the Internet. Sometimes I just wonder if their countries have no speed humps at all? It still doesn't make sense to me at all but I will look into this. I noticed lots of them have the bottom of their car sealed.

Just How low can you go?

1 thing i enjoyed about drifting is how you meet different people from everywhere. Its funny how we know people through drifting and become friends. Beer on friday nights where you dont talk about cars at all? To many, it probably is just another hobby. In fact, it is a lifestyle.

You know you're improving when you start buying cable ties.

next thing you realize, you're going up the hills.
p.s here at driftneyland we dont support drifting on the streets. Keep it off the streets. :p

But you can not forget, drifting is a spectator sport. The car has to be presentable always and don't forget the deep dish when you are taking the car for a spin. This is the way to ROLL.

Anyway, I'm off to Melbourne and will update on the trip. Keep it Real!

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