Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Mario Theory

Mario didn't play a very big part of my life but I'm reminiscing the days we use to blow on them nintendo cartridges like a harmonica. The memories are so clear like it was just yesterday. I just realized Mario portrait as a vital roll of bring up boys to the society. First thing when you start the game, you go for the coins and then some random creature will start crawling towards you and you learn to kill it before it kills you. After that you'll realize there are some bricks that are too hard for you and you need more power, then you hunt for the mushroom. And the game ends when you are all rich and powerful, you get the princess. Smell the significance? Mario was actually created in the image of Sex Power and Money. Its not too late if you thought you wanna dig up some dead nintendos from the grave now. HA!

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