Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eye(sore) On Malaysia

I'm sure most of us had heard about the Eye On Malaysia, or might have even went on for a ride. *A confession to make, I've not seen it yet* and that does not make me any less Malaysian. I still love this place more than anybody. News, the Eye On Malaysia had been moved to Malacca and as TheStar has reported it, its not enjoying it's stay there. Poor ferris wheel.

The ugly truth: some jokers forgot to pay for it.


It was an honest mistake. *wink* Now the Belgians filed a lawsuit against them for forgetting to settle the payment. They totally forgot about the RM17 million bill like for real. *wink again* Simply Famazing. Belgium is one of my favourite countries for them awesome beer gardens. Now, if I ever hit a beer garden there, I'll have to tell the bar tender I'm from Singapore before he spikes my drink. Once the coolest thing after the twin towers, now the scar on the face of Malaysia. I call it, the Eye(sore) On Malaysia. Please guys, pay for the damn thing and do us proud for once.

Below, an article from TheStar earlier this week.

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