Monday, January 25, 2010


For all of you who are considering in a long distance relationship or a one night stand, I recommend you this theory COW and I came up with years ago when we were in still in university. Applied to many situations and it works. ;)

When we have too much whisky, we do stupid things;
When we have too much redbull, we do this.

I'll start from explaining the variables in our equation. The Love Symbol represents the Amount of Love between the couple at an instantaneous time. X represents the distance between the couple. While C is just another constant filled in to make the equation look neat.

Okay now we try fitting in a high value of X, means the couple is far apart. the Love reduces.
What about a low value for X, as near as they get, the Love increases.
Now when X = Zero, The Love is at it's MAX value.

By now if you were from a mathematical background you'll be wondering what is the square root doing there. Okay. Here goes.

When X = Negative, *Ahem please use your imagination* the love returns an imaginary number. Now, the guy will be thinking of how to escape from the situation.
'Oopss? What have I done?'

If you're reading this Cow, Redbull was good times. :p

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