Saturday, January 30, 2010

Project Horse - 308

Earlier this month, a mid aged chap came to my office and seek for help. A horse was terribly ill and came to his workshop. It needed some spare parts and unfortunately there were no parts available in the market and they had to be custom made. So the next day we fled to his workshop near Kota Damansara and my god there were a few of TVRs, PORCHEs and ASTON MARTINs there.

Not One, Not Two. But Three Vantage N24s sitting there shy under the cover.

Poor Horse on the hoist

Sexy Back.

Sad that I never had the chance to hear the 3 litre V8 fire up

Nothing so cool, but the doctor was there to check out the legs of the horse

Didn't go home empty handed :p A pair of these were sitting next to the half cut it came from

The job finally ended today. Been two and fro for this car, but the experience, absolutely phenomenal.

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