Friday, January 15, 2010

Reminiscing the birth of the woman in my life

You know sometimes when you need someone to talk to about something that you can't really share with everybody, you'll know exactly who to go to. One of my somebody is cat, one of the best friends from carvings from the tree. You don't get this all the time and I met almost all of them in this trip, fruitful I would say.

It was her birthday and I'd really wanna say I love you for the great hospitality and the great time in Melbourne. It was more than awesome. Perhaps sorry for all the times I jeopardized the relationship. It'll be funny in many years to come. Your wish came true, so please don't be greedy about it. :D
P.S. Thank you "Money" for that amazing cake as well as the team that planned the surprise.


of Men

and beautiful ladies.

Happy Birthday Cat and stay sexy.

credits to Alvin for the peekcahs.

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