Sunday, March 28, 2010

READER'S RIDE: Joe40cents a.k.a. Dorifuto Demon's 180sx

Teaser of Mohd. Ashraff a.k.a joe40cent a.k.a. dorifuto_demon's ride. Its a 180sx been put to sleep for 2 years. This jewel spent 2 new year countdowns, 2 christmas eves, on jack stands. The owner insist that the work should be done at home, and after all the labour, he managed to pull off this offset monster to the ground. A few weeks before this, I heard that the monster is alive, and early today, I received this picture. Due to the height, the owner is sending the 180sx to the exhaust shop to get the pipings sorted out so that it wont hit the speed humps so badly. After the exhaust is sorted, he'll get it painted and you'll see more pictures here. ;)

Joe, I is lov'in those rims man!

"Definition of Motorsports : Think first, Do later."

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