Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Driftneyland is back with the cookie jar

Sorry guys if you were coming here the few days before and disappointed with no daily dose of Drift Poison. I was busy for a couple of days and will be more busy in the coming week. A friend of mine dropped by from out of town and we had too much to drink.. Couldn't do posts.. :p Thousand apologies!

But guess what I fetched you? FLUSH S14 with TE37s!! No doubt my favourite car for the moment.. :D and its pretty sickkk! Just the way it should be.. Looks like a dragon at your tailgate.. That's how a kouki monster should look like if you see it coming from your rear view mirror..

Very significant scars battling with speed humps. That's how its supposed to look like anyway

Oh. If you have an S14 and don't know what setup to run. Could reference this..

Front 17x10 -2 (+18 with 20mil) 215/40 -3.8*
Rear 18x10.5 +10 (+15 w/ 5mil) 225/40 -2*

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