Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Painful Week

Sorry for those who had to listen to my ranting. I love you guys.

here goes, "Thanks to the love from our immigration, I was given extra work this week. As we all know, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc. had been showering our country with endless supplies of immigrants to service our various industries and now that our country had finally realized that its a matter of national security. When there are legal immigrants, there's always illegal immigrants as well. The world works like that, when you give them something legal, they'll try to make a cooler illegal version of it and sell it at a more expensive price. Back to the story, half of my entire work force had their visas expired (and many other shenanigans at home) and they had to head home and we are not allowed to hire new ones. Manufacturers now suffer from the lost of manpower and there they are talking about boosting our industry. So, on Monday, I came out with a solution. Engineers proceed to the production floor and become temporary "Kulis".

Coolie (variously spelled Cooly, Kuli, Quli, Koelie etc.) is:

Now, I've got this massive backache. G.R.E.A.T.

Alcohol, my vice on the other hand, had hung me over for the weekend and I missed KL DRIFT Carnival at KL today. T.T but as usual Lyzard will have the event covered just so you guys don't miss out on any action. ;)

Also, I found this TA22 at Bandar Utama. Tempting.

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