Friday, March 5, 2010


SSR MK3 14x11j -25! OMGWTFBBQ~~~~! I never knew they even exist!

Had a few phone calls today. A couple of injections of venom, threats to delete me from facebook, I went on yahoo auction japan to check out some goodies. That site should be banished forever, shit you 40cents. Oh for those who don't know what 40 cents is, 40cents is a somebody, a friend of mine who has the rims of Satan. His idealogy of wheel fitments are like a religion.

Learning how to buy stuff from yahoo auction is a pain. Especially search function, its %^%@#*@#.. only symbols can express my feelings now.. its a next level of vulgarity. hahaha! Can't explain why, but I've got a feeling that my few months of salary coming will be entitled to this stupid website. "Man Sized" wheels are so hard to find here in Malaysia, so we have to import them. MK3? longchamps? hownowbrowncow

Also, I developed a new car project theory, so I dont get my car on the hoist for 2 fkin years, I get the rims first before getting the car. But I roughly know what I want. hehehe.

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