Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Angle?

All these while, drifters are very concerned about how much angle their wheels could turn. The more the merrier. It all started with the all time favorite steering rack end spacers, which i call LORD OF THE RING. It started of as many drifters' precious. Once the best innovation in drifting, now 'junk'.

Lord of the ring (LOTR)

As soon as drifting was removed from the mountain passes to Formula One tracks, everyone had their own pair of LOTRs and drifters are requesting for more angle. LOTR gives you steering angle from 30+˚ till 40+˚. In D1GP today, the japanese heroes are doing 50+ degrees.

max angle?

I remember my first day of design class during my university days, the lecturer gave us each a blank paper and we were told to sketch a design of our own television. Everyone drew the rectangular box, and the lecturer said, 'think out of the box.' why wasn't my television round? just because all the movies are filmed in a rectangular constraint? that simply fixed our television design since the day it was invented.

then and again, the japanese had think out of the box, and gave us this. the hyper knuckle kit.

The GP sports hyper knuckle does not need any introduction. What it does?

It has a whopping one thousand USD price tag and many have claimed to have broken it. It was even found to be discontinued in certain places, but just as we start to forget about the hyper knuckle hype, GP sports sponsored Masato Kawabata showed us the drift you can never forget, the video that you can replay for a whole month and yet not get bored of it. I still did not get what happened there and people will still be talking about it until someone else does it again. its as though physics did not play a role since he flipped the ebrake.


If you are free in the weekends, do drop by the saturday night drift event and catch a piece of action yourself. I will be back with more updates about the malaysian super knuckle.

Driftneylanders please stay tuned for more sideways action.

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