Thursday, December 17, 2009


I had a shock when i stumbled across this fairlady. The contrast of the engine bay, bravo Virus77. Long time since we seen anything like this in Malaysian soil. Hopefully this dose of venom is strong enough to become someone's inspiration.

When it first got to the hands of the owner, she was white with black wheel arches. 240z owners can never get satisfied can't they. Bringing the car back from the dead indeed was a really difficult task. But the work done indeed paid off. Fallen into the wrong hands, the Z might have been part of the 1990's recycling plan.

While fixing the details of the rest of the car, parts were removed from the engine and powder coated.

the RB25det is Blue Dabadeedabadah..

Guess what was missing in the first two engine pictures? Transparent Cam Gear Covers..

Just for those who are wondering what kind of weird watanabe are those..
them wheels are actually a set of ROTA RB 17"

when the clock strikes 12, its wangan midnight.


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