Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CAR FEATURE : John Giggles' 350z

This is what i call a ONE-NIL car. Why ONE-NIL? If this menacing Z ever land next to your ride at a traffic light, the score is 1-0. in this case i don't have to go on further about who's the winner in this case. As sleek as it looks, it carries the 90% of all the stock features from the factory and all that is there is a new set of wheels and tints. After looking at his car, every other 350 appeals to me as it is begging to be this slammed. Its one hellaflush.

Everything about the suspension is wrong. The awful setup consist of a 5 gallon air tank and a 4800cc compressor by Universal Air Suspension. To me, its deserves proper shocks but it wont be this low. Its gonna be just low, or what john had did to this car, Flo-rida's Low.

About them kickass wheels, john definitely done it right, a set of unbelievable Weds Kranze. Vishunu with SBC finish. 19" x 10j with 225/35/19 in front and 19" x 11j with 245/35/19 at the rear. Being the only exterior feature of this car, this rims indeed came with the X-factor.

Catch you driftneyland looneys soon.

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