Saturday, June 19, 2010

READER'S RIDE: Mr Nismo's Home made V8 Powered R32 project update

ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!! OMG.. ECSTATIC!!! Remember when they said something about a Nissan eating a Porche for breakfast? GT something? sounds something like GTR? Now, Driftneyland proudly present you, the ONE AND ONLY, GTR R32, that is faster than a Porche, even sideways. LIVING UP THE "ONLY IN MALAYSIA" spirit.

Our dear friend, preferred to be known as Mr N.I.S.M.O (Now I Sponsor Myself Only)'s HOME MADE (YES, HOME MADE) VH45DE, 4.5 Litre V8 POWERED NISSAN SKYLINE R32.

The MIKE CUSTOM RAT BONNET suggest that there is a MONSTER caged inside the engine bay. Welcome to the Porche eater's club.

Exhaust so straight, it makes your car sound gay.

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