Monday, June 28, 2010

Earlier last week at my office..

The whole week was about the knuckle.. The driftneyland grease monkeys got together and worked with the hydraulic band saw, drills, grinders, lathe and milling machines. After nearly 8 hours of labour (including a Sunday).. we raped the knuckle and lower arm of his 180sx just to find out that we got nearly 45 degrees of steering angle.. WTF.. that could be achieved by just adding a ring over the steering rack end.. Haha! So I suggested we throw them aside and get a ciggie break.. I knew the answer was in that Philip Morris packet all along.. A couple of I-TOLD-YOU-SOs and we went back to work..

The project was back on the drawing board and there was the birth of our generation two design.. Hopefully its gonna get us around 52 to 55 degrees of steering angle and 20mm bump steer correction with the oem tie rod ends..

okay.. now, the funny part at work..


During the dinner break, we dropped by a near by food place to grab some indian food and had a drink and they were showing the North Korea vs Portugal group stage match on a projector screen. While I was busy munching on my food, I heard the crowd cheering for a goal but JOE raised his hand with disappointment and yelled "OFFSET LAHHH!!!" Which in actual fact, the lines man raised his flag for an OFFSIDE..! HAHAHAHAHA!!! It was fkin hilarious.. I wonder if I'll meet another friend who is so obsessed with his wheel fitments..

With the World Cup going on, the knuckle is doing pretty slowly.. :p

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