Friday, May 14, 2010


D-WAN, or Lim Kim Wan a veteran from the south has started his drifting career with a A31 and then to his "team orange" 180sx, the one and only 180sx with a roof scoop. LOL Right about this time of the year during 2009, he told me he acquired a FD3s and the plans he had for the monster. Some of you might have seen the car in Singapore when it had its maiden competition at Formula D 2010. Here's what it looks like close up.

very menacing front end and the engine bay is just like how I like my whisky. neat!

Check out that ass.. tsk tsk tsk

V for Vendetta!

When rotary is translated to art.

Can't wait to take a seat in this car. Heard so much about the 600 ponies running in the engine bay.

I'm in favour of the hint of carbon details in the car but not a fan of the crazy loads of meters on the dash. Clutch pump handbrake mounted on the wrong side? but he was doing so well with the clipping points in FD.. hmm.. LOL!

its friday and its the hour of happiness! BYE people!

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