Thursday, May 6, 2010

HIPPARI (ヒッパリ) 101

Little did you know that stretched tyres aren't just stretched like you'll think it would be. Unlike stretching a rubber band over your wrist, One of the ingenious ways of stretching tyres over man sized wheels is to torch the rubber from the inside using aerosol. Since when we mentioned that motorsports is friendly to the environment to start off with? :p

Hippari, ヒッパリ - A style of tyre mounting where a smaller width tire is "stretched" onto a much wider rim. Used for extremely lowered cars to clear the fenders. Well, some claims that it will lower the tyre wall flex and all, Come to think of it, if it actually helps, the big boys at formula one would be running hipparis since Jackie Stewart was at the steering wheel.

After an explosive experience at the garage, your tyres would leech onto those sexy rims and air has to be pumped in immediately. and Voila!

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