Monday, July 19, 2010

Hesitated about lowering your car?

Not exactly in the best mood now.. Stuck at home with nothing to do with my last 3 cigarettes in a packet which I took out from the dustbin (In the process of quitting smoking).. So I decided to take myself away to Driftneyland. I found just about the perfect pictures to portrait slamming your drift cars. Hope this short write up would do you some good than harm

When I tell others about lowering cars, there's always a common mistake here in Malaysia. Here, most of us will instantly ask, 'How many fingers?' a.k.a how many fingers you can put fit in between your fenders and wheels. Uhh.. that was the definition of slamming from the 80's man.. Who said there will be any fingers in the first place?

Then, when they see pictures like this, they'll start assuming. "OH COME ONNN... that car CAN'T DRIFT.. No WAY...... " Hello? Check out those battle scars :p

Then, there'll be the 2nd excuse.. "It's my DAILY CAR....." Swear to God, I'll die to go to work in this even if I have to travel pass an army of speed humps to get to my work place. Remember earlier we were talking about cars like these are unable to drift?

Don't ass-u-me.. This car has less roll compared to your "battle spec" drift machine.. Just need to know how to do it properly. I hate to tell you this.. but, Google actually helped me more than merely understanding chassis geometry settings. Not to mention the great friends I made along the way in the fun world of drifting. Lowering your car can be a mess, but if you'd figure out the science behind the screws, you're on your way. It's no rocket science.

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